Citibank Online
Account maintenance for your enterprise on the Internet - Any time, from anywhere

Citibank Online is an up-to-date service perfectly accommodating to the requirements of your enterprise, hereby enabling you to manage your finances in an easy and simple way through the Internet. You can freely enjoy the comfort of managing your banking transactions, since you can give orders regarding the banking transactions of your enterprise from your office, your home or from a business trip as well. You can enter the homepage of Citibank from any point of the world, that is accessible for 24 hours every day. Citibank Online has won a number of international prizes due to the safe and client-oriented services offered.

You can arrange almost everything through Citibank Online:

  • You can ask for and print the balance of your accounts at any time
  • You can follow up the transactions on your accounts
  • You can give single and standing orders in HUF, or you can initiate foreign exchange transfers
  • You can tie up your money
  • You can get information on the available credit lines of your enterprise
  • You can draw the necessary amounts from your credit line - if your enterprise has a credit line at Citibank
  • You can save the name and account number of frequent transferees so as to accelerate regular transfers to your business partners.
  • You can also send a message to our Bank and read our reply on Citibank Online.

Citibank Online - the old acquaintance ...

If you have a private account kept by Citibank too, you must know Citibank Online very well. The account maintenance of your enterprise is just as simple as disposing over your private accounts.

Forget the modems, leased lines and installation sets!

  • For Citibank Online you only need an Internet access.
  • Following the opening of your account and the receipt of your bank card, you can easily launch Citibank Online from the homepage

For further information, please turn to our CitiBusiness Bankers in the next available branch of Citibank, or call our CitiPhone Banking telephone customer service, where our professional bankers will be pleased to answer your questions.

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