Step 1 of 3: Input Activation Details

Credit or debit card activation (card activation)

Disclaimer: In case of activating Credit Card, hereby I acknowledge that I received the Credit Card mailer sent by the Bank via postal service. I accept the credit limit I received and accept the Terms & Conditions of credit limit increase and Advanced Loan on Phone Supplement services. We would like to call Your attention that at the same time with the activation of Your debit or credit card (together: bankcard) the debit account or credit card contract will go into effect. You need to prepare a four digit PIN –code in order to make purchase transactions, withdraw cash with Your card and in case of credit card or Mobile card You need it to make PayPass transactions. In order to increase security, please do not use recurring numbers or numbers following each other. Please, avoid using numbers related to Your birthday, address, license plate or any other series of numbers which can be easily related to You. Please, do not write Your PIN code down or attach to the card or to any other item kept with Your bankcard. The PIN code and the T-PIN code, needed for phone services, can be the same. Please, read through carefully our information sheets attached to Your Citibank bankcard, where You can find further personalized and usefull information on card usage.